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Brenda Song Set To Star In Facebook Story

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

Brenda Song seems to have a busy year set up.  She’s got a movie coming up called Boogie Town, which is about battling teenage dancers in the near future (I kid you not), based on West Side Story.  But a more important role is also in the works as one of the founders of Facebook.  The film stars Jesse Eisenberg and Justin Timberlake, so it’s got a bigger star quotient than the one about sci-fi dance battlers.  Brenda has the role of Joanna Simmons, and whoever that is in the Facebook universe I’ll just wait for the film to tell.

Hmmm…  Maybe I should add Brenda as a Facebook friend or just add her fan page (I’m sure she has one.)  Then maybe I’d have a chance of seeing any nude pics that she accidentally posts when she’s drunk!  Yeah, as if Brenda Song gets drunk. She’s got lots of awards for her sterling character from many organizations, so that’s a long shot.  But still I’ve heard that there are nude pics out there, and I guess the best place to check is on this site, which has lots of celebrity scandal pics and dirty photos!