Brenda Song Naked

Teen Pop singer, actress, martial artist, and model Brenda Song was born on March 27, 1988 in California, U.S.A. Daughter to a Hmong father and Thai mother, who were both born in Asia, Brenda also has two younger brothers, Nathan and Timmy. In her younger years, she ended up wearing a black belt around her waist instead of dancing in tutus and doing graceful pirouettes when her mother chose to take her and her two siblings to taekwondo classes. When she earned her diploma at 16, she then took courses online, in a community college, at University of California in Berkeley with a major in psychology.

Song started acting at a tender age of 6. It was in a Little Caesar’s Pizza commercial where she first appeared on TV. She got the opportunity of becoming a child fashion model when she was discovered in a shopping mall by a modelling school agent. And as years went by, and as her acting talent grew more in each role she played, she had her theatrical film debut in Santa with Muscles, starring professional wrestler Hulk Hogan. She then blossomed into a young actress by 1994 and landed a part in Requiem, a short film by Elizabeth Sung, the following year. She also got a part in another short film, The White Fox, also by actress Elizabeth Sung.

Projects came pouring in when Song became a part of the Disney Channel Circle of Stars. And it’s not just a series of guests appearances, which she made in the shows: Phil of the Future and That’s so Raven, to name a few, that made her well known especially within the younger crowd — Song also made it through acting in a lead role in Disney Channel’s The Suite Life of Zack and Cody in 2005, playing the part of a spoiled heiress, London Tipton – spoofing celebrity Paris Hilton. As young as she was, Song already garnered a number of awards and nominations for the roles she played.

Song also pursued her passion for singing in 2005. And it was with Walt Disney Records where she planted this career. Her pretty and angelic face plus her acting and singing talents are enough to say that Brenda has already grown over the years. And in the not so recent past, just last April 2008, this image of the once wholesome young lady accidentally (or not) opened her Pandora’s Box. It’s got something to do with that naughty soul inside her that’s just dying to come out! Don’t underestimate the innocence on the eyes of this girl. Check on her revealing photos and shocking videos now and brace yourself for the hot and sexy Brenda Song like you’ve never imagined.